All of Our Titles, from All of Our Imprints

Here are all of our titles, arranged by series, with a list of reading order if there is one. If you’re interested in buying any of these books, head to our bookstore.

Young Adult Titles

Critical Higher Education Books

These personal essay collections address issues in higher education.

The Sin City Tycoons Series

  1. A Tycoon’s Jewel
  2. A Tycoon’s Rush
  3. A Tycoon’s Secret
  4. A Tycoon’s Bargain
  5. A Tycoon’s Deception (forthcoming)
  6. The Sin City Tycoons Box Set

The Bayou Sabine Series

  1. Bayou My Love
  2. Back to Bayou Sabine
  3. Bayou Whispers
  4. Just the Trouble I Needed
  5. Bayou Sabine Box Set

The Hollywood Lights Series

  1. Entanglement
  2. Love and Entropy
  3. Chasing Chaos
  4. How to Stay
  5. Fallout Girl
  6. Hollywood Lights Box Set

Other Titles

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