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Here are all of our titles, arranged by series and genre. Some of our books haven’t had their covers revealed yet—click on the plain blue mystery covers to learn more about these forthcoming titles.

Our books are available, in ebook and paperback, wherever books are sold. You can also request our books at your local library.

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Nonfiction Titles

Our incredible, award-winning nonfiction titles address a variety of contemporary issues, including women’s issue, disability studies, and the end of the world.

Jasmine Falls Love Stories: Feel-Good Romantic Comedy

Look for The Almost Lovebirds in September of 2022 and the next book in the series (title is hush-hush!) in the winter. You won’t have to wait long for Book 3. Lucy tells us that Valentine’s Day is a great time for a love story.


The Seven Sins Series: Award-Winning, Breathtaking Paranormal-Dystopian Adventure

From New York Times bestselling author Emily Colin, read the multi-award-winning juggernaut series that will set your heart on fire.

The Hollywood Lights Series: Award-Winning Romantic Women’s Fiction

Read the IPPY-Gold-Medal-winning series full of suspense and romance, Hollywood style. Like all of Katie’s writing, the series centers mental health issues—in addition to romance, star-crossed lovers, sexy woodworkers, and movie stars.

The Bayou Sabine Series: Steamy Southern Fiction

Louisiana just got a whole lot hotter…

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Standalone Adult Fiction