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Sometimes the deepest wounds come from the ones who love us most.

In her lab, Kate McDonnell’s world is stable and predictable, just the way she likes it–and life outside her lab is anything but. Kate just wants a life where she’s in control, but in one weekend her world explodes into a chaos she’d never imagined.

When irresistible Andre Dufresne shows up on her porch to whisk her away for a romantic weekend, she’s thrilled to have a second chance with him–but a family crisis forces her to go back to the town she’s avoided for so long and the horrible secrets she buried there. At eighteen, Kate made a terrible mistake that she’s never forgiven herself for–one that shattered her completely. She never wanted Andre to see this part of her life, but she knows that if she pushes him away again she’ll lose him for good.

Desperate to mend her broken family and save her relationship with Andre, Kate returns to her hometown, where she finds her family in pieces. Her mother is ill, her father is in denial, and her brothers are clueless. With Andre by her side, Kate takes charge, but not everyone is happy to have her home and calling the shots. The longer she stays, the faster her past will catch up with her–and when one bitter family member reveals her darkest secret to everyone, she’s plunged into a nightmare that might well destroy her–unless she can learn to forgive.

A dazzling story about the way family can shape us—or tear us apart—and how revealing our vulnerability can set us free.

Praise for the Bayou Sabine Series:

“Beautifully descriptive and engaging. A delightful story about learning to let go of who you think you need to be and take a risk on happiness.” —Orly Konig, author of The Distance Home: A Novel and founding president of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association.

Faulkenberry is a gifted storyteller with the ability to capture the most human side of relationships. Bayou Whispers from the Past is a rich and emotional story that will draw readers into the heat of the bayou and leave them wanting more. —Tina Ann Forkner, award-winning author of The Real Thing and Waking Up Joy

I loved this book. It has so many different dimensions that you will literally be glued to the pages…There’s mystery, intrigue, and unexpected pieces to the story. PICK UP THIS BOOK. It’s a MUST READ. —Pretty Little Book Reviews

Book Information:

  • Author: Lauren Faulkenberry
  • Title: Trouble Will Follow: A Bayou Sabine Novel
  • Publication Date: October 2019
  • Page Count: 274 (paper)
  • Paper ISBN: 978-1-947834-38-5, Ebook ISBN: 978-1-947834-39-2