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The Bayou Sabine Series Box Set


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About The Bayou Sabine Series Box Set:

A dazzling saga about the way family can shape us—or tear us apart—and how revealing our vulnerability can set us free.

This box set includes all 5 books in the steamy, suspenseful Bayou Sabine series.

Book 1: Trouble in Bayou Sabine

Enza Parker never wanted to set foot in the sleepy little town of Bayou Sabine ever again. Her family’s darkest secrets are buried there, along with a haunting mystery from her past she’d do anything to forget. When a job for her overbearing father forces her to return, she just wants to prove she can do the job on her own and put her past behind her—the only thing standing in her way is Jack, a sexy stranger who might be the man of her dreams. He’ll do anything to win her over, but the clock is ticking: when the job is over, Enza will leave this town and never look back. Can he convince her to take a leap of faith and trust him with her heart?

Book 2: Back to Bayou Sabine

After her grandmother’s death, Enza Parker returns to the town where she spent her childhood summers to lay her painful memories to rest. While there, she meets a mysterious stranger who makes her question why she avoided the little town that gave her the sense of freedom she longs for as an adult. A spark of attraction makes her wonder: was this the place she was meant to be?

With her best friend Kate in tow, Enza searches for answers about her missing mother that the town isn’t ready to reveal. Can she muster the courage to open the old wounds that might reveal the truth about her family, or will her mother’s disappearance remain one of the bayou’s darkest secrets?

Book 3: Bayou Whispers

New love is put to the test when Enza plans her first Christmas in Bayou Sabine, surrounded by those she cares about most. Her idyllic holiday turns disastrous when one guest puts someone Enza loves in danger and it dredges up a nightmare from her past.

Fleeing the turmoil in Bayou Sabine, Enza sets off with her best friend Kate on a road trip that could bring her solace she’s been seeking for so long—or it might destroy the new life she’s worked so hard to build. Finally, the answer to a haunting mystery is at her fingertips, but the ugly truth may well confirm her deepest fears about her family. Can she accept the truth if it means that everything she felt for her family was a lie?

Book 4: Just the Trouble I Needed

Kate McDonnell wants to escape her hectic city life—and scoundrel fiance who crushed her heart. A weeklong getaway to her friend Enza’s quiet small-town home should be just what she needs to recharge—but when sexy Sheriff Andre Dufresne stops by, her vacation gets much more complicated. The last thing Kate wants is “complicated,” but when Andre turns on the charm, she wonders: would a light-hearted fling really be so bad?

As their fling intensifies, Kate makes a mistake that threatens to destroy any chance she has of being with Andre for real—to fix things with him, she’ll have to do something she’s never done before. Can she trust herself with Andre, or will her fear of being hurt again ruin any chance they have at love?

Book 5: Trouble Will Follow

In her lab, Kate McDonnell’s world is stable and predictable, just the way she likes it—but in one weekend, Kate’s carefully controlled world explodes into chaos when a family crisis forces her back to the town she avoided for years—and the horrible secrets she buried there. At eighteen, Kate made a tragic mistake that she’s never forgiven herself for—one that shattered her completely.

Desperate to redeem herself, Kate returns to her hometown and finds her family in pieces. Kate takes charge, but not everyone is happy to have her home. When one bitter family member reveals her darkest secret to everyone, she’s plunged into a nightmare that might well destroy her—unless she can learn to forgive.

Fans of Alice Clayton and Debbie Macomber will delight in this saga of friendship, romance, and suspense.

“Faulkenberry creates a world of magic, suspense, and desire. An engrossing romance with just the right amount of heat!” -Julie C. Gardner, author of Letters for Scarlet


Book Details:

  • Author: Lauren Faulkenberry
  • Title: The Bayou Sabine Series Box Set
  • Publication Date: March 2021
  • Ebook ISBN: 9781947834651