Coming May of 2021 is the sixth and final title of the Hollywood Lights Series by award-winning author Katie Rose Guest Pryal (Entanglement, Chasing Chaos, Fallout Girl).

In the meantime, read the first book in the series for free on Kindle: Entanglement.

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How do you find love when your biggest secret is an unforgivable sin?

Charlie George, handsome Los Angeles attorney, seems to have a perfect life. A sky-high apartment. A drool-worth sports car. The fast-track to partner in a prestigious firm. A face that would make angels weep. But he carries a secret that drives him to seek perfection in everything he does, a secret so ugly that he can never forgive himself. He can only hope to redeem himself by crafting the perfect career to carry on his family legacy. He knows he can never let anyone close enough that he might care about her, love her—he would only drive her away with his awful past.

Tory Murphy has seen it all at least three or four times. As an emergency medicine doctor, she’s patched up more bullet wounds than she can count. The only thing that has ever thrown her for a loop is Charlie George. The night she met him, she thought he was magnificent. The years she got to know him only confirmed her admiration for him. But although they’ve become close friends, and although she suspected he wants her as much as she wants him, he’s always held her at arm’s length.

When a terrible case lands on Charlie’s desk, it sets of a bomb that leaves him reeling. His perfect facade shredded, he loses everything he’s built. The only thing left of his life is Tory—and his love for her. But is love enough to pull Charlie back from the brink of self-destruction?


Praise for the Hollywood Lights Series

“Pryal deftly portrays relationships that are under the magnifying glass, obsessive and dysfunctional, while still capturing the complexity and love.” –Kate Moretti, New York Times bestselling author of THE BLACKBIRD SEASON

“Poignant and thoroughly entertaining.” –Kristy Woodson Harvey, author of LIES AND OTHER ACTS OF LOVE

“Pryal pierces L.A.’s film industry veneer to find complex and relatable characters and then winches the ties between them, pulling the reader right into the fray. The result is as psychologically astute as it is engaging.
” -Kathryn Craft, award-winning author of THE FAR END OF HAPPY

“As glamorous and mercurial as Hollywood itself, CHASING CHAOS is a novel that glitters.” 
-NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Eileen Goudge


Book Details:

  • Author: Katie Rose Guest Pryal
  • Publication Date: May 4, 2021
  • ISBN Paper: 978-1-947834-55-2, ISBN Ebook: 978-1-947834-56-9
  • Distributed through Ingram