Sin City Tycoons Box Set #1


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From Amazon bestselling author Avery Laval.

“An Avery Laval romance is like a ripe cherry drenched in chocolate—delicious, sexy, and utterly addictive!” -Nina Lane, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Spiral of Bliss Series

“What a sparkling gem of a story!  I loved it—and can’t wait for the rest of this dazzling series!” –USA Today bestselling author Caitlin Crews

Las Vegas glitz. Sexy alpha billionaires. The ultimate seduction. This Box Set contains the first three books in the red-hot SIN CITY TYCOONS series.

A Tycoon’s Jewel

Six years ago, celebutante Jenna McCormick lost it all—her parents, her fortune, and her family’s jewelry empire. After the shock wore off, Jenna realized she didn’t need her fortune to be happy. Her life is simpler now—she doesn’t miss the champagne lifestyle she left behind. Grant Blakely, the youngest black CEO in Las Vegas history, is now at the helm of her father’s jewelry company. Jenna had been over the moon for Grant—until he stole the family business from her. He’s the last person Jenna would ever ask for help, but now she has no choice. Jenna needs money fast, and when she asks Grant for a job, he sees her as the spoiled brat she was all those years ago. She’s persuasive though, and still sexy as hell. So he hires her—as his assistant. Grant thinks she won’t last a day doing menial tasks for him, but he soon learns that there’s more to Jenna than he ever knew—and this time, she’s not giving up. A battle of wills soon fans the spark between them into a wildfire—but can Jenna really trust Grant? Or is he just out to humiliate her one last time?

A Tycoon’s Rush

Natalie Schaffer has accepted that she’ll always be an assistant at her sports agency. That’s okay—her dream job is her outdoor photography, not the wheeling and dealing of agency life. But she jumps at the chance to take an endorsement deal to the reclusive Olympic champion Charlie Ahlers, who stepped off the gold medal podium and disappeared from public eye. Natalie never crushes on her agency’s clients, but Charlie holds a special place in her heart—from a distance, of course.  Charlie Ahlers is perfectly happy hiding out as a nobody in sleepy European ski towns. He knows he’s supposed to capitalize on his Olympic victory and train for the next Games. But, for reasons that are his own, his heart isn’t in it. When the sexy American girl prances into his bar and slaps a contract down next to his glass of scotch, he can’t believe she’s an agency rep. He hasn’t found a girl so interesting in months. When she dares him to take her out on the slopes, he can’t tell her no. When skiing turns into dinner—and more—he realizes he might be in bigger trouble than he thought. With Natalie’s agency job on the line, and Charlie’s secrets holding him back, will they be able to let go of their fears and find hope—and happiness—together?

A Tycoon’s Secret

When Khalid Abbasi grew up in the Las Vegas foster system, he had no idea he was a member of a family—and a royal one at that. Once he learns the truth, he is immediately summoned to rule a small exclave on the Persian Gulf. That very day, he leaves his fiancée Marissa with a kiss and a promise that he’ll come back soon. But Khalid breaks his promise to return for Marissa—and Marissa’s heart breaks in turn. She never tells him how close they came to starting a family together. In the spot where Khalid used to hold love for Marissa, only ice remains, until the day he sees her in the Cairo Four Seasons hotel. Their passion comes rushing back, and it’s a passion they can’t resist. Now that Khalid has Marissa in his life again, he’s unable to let her slip through his fingers again, no matter what his duty requires. Will they learn to trust each other again? Or will the secrets of their pasts overwhelm their second chance at love?

“I can’t wait for the rest of this dazzling series!” -USA Today bestselling author Caitlin Crews

Book Details:

  • Author: Avery Laval
  • Publication Date: June 21, 2018



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