LOVE AND ENTROPY: A Hollywood Lights Novella

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From Amazon bestselling author Katie Rose Guest Pryal, a novella about friendship and the meaning of love.

A tension-filled weekend at a lake house will change the lives of two unlikely friends forever.

One hot North Carolina summer, Daphne Saito and her boyfriend, Sutton, encounter awkward physics geek Greta Donovan, a fellow college student at elite Cameron University. But while Daphne sees Greta as someone worth befriending, Sutton’s motives are far from pure.

A retelling of Shaw’s classic Pygmalion, and filled with unexpected heroism, Love and Entropy reveals what can happen when we let our vision of what others should be cloud our vision of who they are.

Praise for The Hollywood Lights Series:

“Pryal deftly portrays relationships that are under the magnifying glass, obsessive and dysfunctional, while still capturing the complexity and love.” –Kate Moretti, New York Times bestselling author of The Blackbird Season

“Poignant and thoroughly entertaining.” –Kristy Woodson Harvey, author of Lies and Other Acts of Love

Love and Entropy is utterly captivating … an intriguing novella of newfound friendship and youth. Katie Rose Guest Pryal writes with a rare understanding about the complexity of new adulthood and what it means to be a true friend.” –Tina Ann Forkner, award-winning author of Waking Up Joy

Book Details:

  • Author: Katie Rose Guest Pryal
  • Publication Date: Blue Crow Books Edition, 2017. First published by Velvet Morning Press, 2015.
  • ISBN Paper: 978-1-947834-11-8, ISBN Ebook: 978-1-947834-12-5
  • Distributed through Ingram