The Hollywood Lights Series Complete Box Set

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**Series Finale TAKE YOUR CHARMING SOMEWHERE ELSE is the IPPY Gold Medal Winner in Romance 2022!**

In Hollywood, nothing is as it seems…

Follow the lives of a tight-knit group of twenty-somethings as they navigate the glitter, the danger, and the romance of Los Angeles in these highly-praised and award-winning novels.

As they fight their personal demons, Greta, Daphne, Miranda, and Charlie find love along the way. This series of standalone, romantic women’s fiction is full of suspense, family drama, deep friendship ties, and happily ever afters.

With TAKE YOUR CHARMING SOMEWHERE ELSE (2021), the series is now complete.

This complete series of standalone, romantic women’s fiction is full of suspense, family drama, deep friendship ties, and happily ever afters.

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“Do not miss this emotional tour-de-force—or anything Pryal writes.” -WASHINGTON POST bestselling author Kelly Harms


One deadly night will change two friends forever in this dazzling story of love and betrayal. For Greta Donovan, happiness was always out of reach. She flees to Los Angeles and her best friend, Daphne, an ambitious Hollywood up-and-comer. Soon, Greta has it all: a blossoming career, friends she can trust, and a new love. But in one tragic night, Greta’s world spins out of control. Her friends rally to save her—but will they be too late?

Entanglement shines a light on the interior lives of two flawed and fascinating women.” -Camille Pagán, bestselling author of I’m Fine and Neither Are You


A tension-filled weekend at a lake house will change the lives of two unlikely friends forever. One hot, North Carolina summer, Daphne Saito and her boyfriend Sutton encounter awkward physics geek Greta Donovan, a fellow college student. But while Daphne sees Greta as a new friend, Sutton’s motives are far from pure. A cruel joke sends Greta and Daphne’s new friendship into a tailspin. Will the trio’s lives in end tragedy? Or redemption?


Underneath the glitter of Hollywood, nothing is as it seems. Daphne Saito is a talented screenwriter with a perfect life—a life so fragile it might crumble at any moment. While planning her best friend’s wedding, she meets Marlon—he’s surly on the the outside, and maybe just as damaged as Daphne. But he makes her feel something she hasn’t felt in years—hope. The night of the wedding brings a perfect storm of chaos. Someone Daphne loves gets caught in the middle—a friend she’ll do anything to protect—even if it means committing a horrible act that she can never take back.

“As glamorous and mercurial as Hollywood itself, Chasing Chaos is a novel that glitters.” –Booktrib Magazine


A princess, a pauper, and a dog. From the outside, Miranda George has the perfect life—a wealthy family, a great education, a good paralegal job in her parents’ law firm. But all is not what it seems. When new attorney Matthias Pino meets Miranda George, he doesn’t try to wine and dine her. Instead, he shows her where he grew up, in the trailer parks outside of Winston-Salem. Soon, sparks fly. When a family nightmare drags them apart, Matthias learns that Miranda isn’t nearly as tough as she seems, and Miranda learns the hardest thing to do is to—quite simply—stay.


Fractured family, deadly secrets, and a woman on the run in L.A. The day she buries her mother, Miranda George jumps on a plane from North Carolina, telling no one. She arrives on the Los Angeles doorstep of college friend Daphne Saito, who welcomes Miranda into her home. Driven by fear, Miranda takes off again, but this time her plan is much more sinister. Her friends bring her back from the edge, but will Miranda save herself and her newfound friendships? Or will she remain strangled by the past?

Fallout Girl is a love story wrapped inside a heart-rending struggle for personal freedom.” –Washington Post best-selling author Sonja Yoerg


**Winner of the 2022 IPPY Gold Medal for Romance**

How do you find love when your biggest secret is an unforgivable sin? L.A. lawyer Charlie George seems to have a perfect life. A sky-high apartment. A fast-track to partner. But his drive for perfection is no accident: he carries a secret no one will ever forgive. ER doctor Tory Murphy can diagnose a patient at twenty paces, so she knows there’s heat between her and Charlie. When a terrible homicide case lands on Charlie’s desk, Charlie destroys the perfect life he’s built. All that’s left is Tory and his love for her. But is love enough to save Charlie from self-destruction?

“A gut-wrenching journey through darkness to redemption, one that proves that love, and family, can conquer anything. Take Your Charming Somewhere Else is her best yet.” –Washington Post bestselling author Kelly Harms 


Book Details:

  • Author: Katie Rose Guest Pryal
  • Title: The Hollywood Lights Series: The Complete Box Set
  • Publication Date: March, 23 2022
  • Ebook ISBN: 978-1-947834-45-3