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CHASING CHAOS: A Hollywood Lights Novel

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A woman with a broken past believes she’s toxic to everyone who gets close, including the only man she’s ever loved. One tragic night forces a crucial choice—can she forgive those who’ve hurt her, and herself?

Daphne Saito is a successful screenwriter, with a condo in Brentwood and a connections all over L.A. From the outside, her life seems perfect, but she’s broken inside, ever since she let her abusive father sacrifice her childhood to keep their family afloat. She learned early that she’s inherently damaged, and sacrifice is the only way to prove her worth. 

Her only beacon is her best friend, Greta, who loves her despite her awful past. But Greta’s imminent wedding is unleashing Daphne’s buried pain—all of the dirty things she’s done to get ahead, and the hurt she’s caused to everyone who’s loved her.

While planning Greta’s wedding, Daphne is forced to work with Marlon Barringer, a surly, yet stunning, artist and handyman. He’s persistent, ignoring her warnings to stay away, and she can’t resist his broad shoulders and storm-gray eyes. She ignores her certainty that she’ll hurt him and lets herself get drunk on love.

But on Greta’s perfect wedding day, Daphne’s ghosts come back to haunt her. Her ex-boyfriend is bent on payback—and Marlon is in the crosshairs. Daphne’s fears have come true, and she must sacrifice herself again to make things right. Before she passes the point of no return, can Daphne forgive her past mistakes and see that she’s not only whole, but deserving of love?

Author’s Note: The main character of Chasing Chaos is neurodivergent—she has Complex PTSD from childhood trauma—and I’m a bipolar-autistic author who experienced similar childhood trauma and psychological aftermath. Like all of the books in the Hollywood Lights series, Chasing Chaos centers neurodiversity and carefully handles trauma.

It also features a hottie handyman-artist, a movie star with a heart of gold, two stubborn girlfriends who definitely have your back, oodles of angst, and star-crossed lovers with a happily-ever-after.

Content Note: Chasing Chaos features strong romantic elements with some steamy and fade-to-black scenes. There is off-screen mention of past sexual assault of a teenager and past verbal and psychological abuse of a child by her parents.

The IPPY-Gold-winning Hollywood Lights series is full of angst, romance, family drama, deep friendship ties, and happily ever afters. The series is now complete. Perfect for fans of Colleen Hoover.

“As glamorous and mercurial as Hollywood itself, CHASING CHAOS is a novel that glitters.” -New York Times bestselling author Eileen Goudge


Praise for the Hollywood Lights Series

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“As glamorous and mercurial as Hollywood itself, Chasing Chaos is a novel that glitters.” BookTrib Magazine

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Book Details:

  • Author: Katie Rose Guest Pryal
  • Title: Chasing Chaos: A Hollywood Lights Novel
  • Publication Date: Blue Crow Books Edition, 2017. First published by Velvet Morning Press, 2016.
  • ISBN Paper: 978-1-947834-13-2; ISBN Ebook: 978-1-947834-14-9
  • Page Count: 284 (paper)
  • Distributed through Ingram