BAYOU WHISPERS: The Bayou Sabine Series


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From Amazon bestselling author Lauren Faulkenberry.

New love is put to the test in the sultry bayous of Louisiana.

Thirty-one-year old Enza has finally found love with sexy fireman Jack, and through him, she has gained a family, years after her mother abandoned her. With her friend Kate in town, Enza’s looking forward to her first Christmas in Bayou Sabine, surrounded by those she cares about most. But instead the holiday brings disaster. One guest puts someone Enza loves in danger, and threatens her relationship with Jack. Another guest brings news that makes Enza question the circumstances surrounding her mother’s departure and doubt everything she believed to be truth about her parents.

Enza, fleeing Jack and the turmoil in Bayou Sabine, sets off with Kate on a road trip à la Thelma & Louise. But will she find answers about her mother’s disappearance and the strength to accept the truth? Will she return home in time to save everything that’s important to her, and can her bond with Jack be salvaged?

Praise for The Bayou Sabine Series:

“Faulkenberry is a gifted storyteller with the ability to capture the most human side of relationships. Bayou Whispers is a rich and emotional story that will draw readers into the heat of the bayou and leave them wanting more.
” —Tina Ann Forkner, award-winning author of THE REAL THING and WAKING UP JOY

“Beautifully descriptive and engaging. A delightful story about learning to let go of who you think you need to be and take a risk on happiness.” —Orly Konig, author of THE DISTANCE HOME and founding president of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association.

“I loved this book. It has so many different dimensions that you will literally be glued to the pages…There’s mystery, intrigue, and unexpected pieces to the story. PICK UP THIS BOOK. It’s a MUST READ.” —Pretty Little Book Reviews

Book Details:

  • Author: Lauren Faulkenberry
  • Publication Date: Blue Crow Books Edition, 2017. First published by Velvet Morning Press, 2016.
  • ISBN Paper: 978-1-947834-19-4, ISBN Ebook: 978-1-947834-20-0
  • Distributed through Ingram