• Is Blue Crow Books (adult fiction) accepting submissions right now? YES.
  • Is Raven Books (narrative nonfiction and essay collections) accepting submissions right now? YES.
  • Is Goldenjay Books (young adult fiction) accepting submissions right now? YES.

Updated November 2018

Who are you?

  • You have a manuscript that is polished and ready to go, between 50k and 80k words.
  • You have strong social media presence and skills and a willingness to help get your book in the hands of readers. You know how to use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and you are willing to get even better.


What are we looking for?

  • As you can read in our statement of beliefs, we believe that great writing is not limited by genre. We are interested in books ranging from literary fiction to romance to thriller and everything in between—all brought together by compelling storytelling.
  • Own voices, only, please. “Own voices” means that if you are writing a main character who is part of marginalized group, you are part of that marginalized group. If you are writing a trans* main character, you are a trans* person. If you are writing about an American Indian main character, you are American Indian. If you are writing about a disabled main character, you are disabled. And so on. Please mention if you are an own voices author in your submission. Read our blog post here to learn even more.
  • We are interested in narratives that center those who are normally excluded from or marginalized in stories.
  • We are, by the way, unabashedly feminist, anti-racist, anti-ablest, pro-LGBTQ, and pro-social justice.

Please follow these submission guidelines

  • Submit a query letter by email to
  • Use this email subject line: Query for [Imprint Name]: [Title of your book] by [Author Name]. **This is really important: You must put the word “Query” in the subject of ALL emails with us so that we can find your emails, even if we’ve been corresponding. We get a lot of email. If you don’t put that word in the subject line, presume we didn’t get your email.**
  • Include in your query letter the following items: a brief synopsis of your novel, a short bio, how you found out about us, and anything else you think is relevant to your submission, including whether you are an own voices author
  • Include the first 10 pages of your manuscript with your submission
  • PASTE everything into the body of your email—NO attachments, please
  • NOTE: We do not consider manuscripts fewer than 50k words or greater than 80k words

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