For Book Reviewers and Bloggers

Are you a book reviewer or book blogger? Great. You are some of our favorite people. We’re glad you’re here.

Blue Crow Publishing is happy to provide eARCs to bloggers and others reviewers for use in writing reviews for book blogs, magazines, and other publications. Please contact us at with the name of the BCP title you would like to review and a link to your publication.

If you do not write for a publication, you just like writing book reviews for Amazon and Goodreads, read on. Our Street Team might interest you.

Blue Crow Publishing Street Team

Are you interested in getting eARCs to BCP titles before everyone else? Do you want them fast, right now, and maybe even yesterday? Join our street team of reviewers. Our Street Team signs up for a special newsletter that announces new releases as soon as eARCs are ready for reviewers. If you are interested in reviewing the title, simply reply to the newsletter with a message such as, “Want!” or “Me!” and we send you the eARC. You write the review. Everyone is delighted.

Vetting Process: To join the street team, you must write reviews for a publication such as a book blog or a magazine. Or, you can be a turbo reviewer for Amazon or Goodreads—please send us a link to your Goodreads profile and a link to your Amazon reviewer profile.

Send us your credentials, and we’ll sign you up for the secret newsletter.

Boom. Done. Books. Chocolate. (Okay, we don’t send chocolate. But, we like it.)