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:: From New York Times bestselling author Emily Colin comes SWORD OF THE SEVEN SINS, a novel about a dark future where you live, and die, by the seven deadly sins—and two brave young people who are willing to risk everything to save the world, and each other. 

I don’t know about you, but right now it sometimes feels like we’re living in a dystopia. So, why would we want to read about a dystopian world if we feel like we’re living in one? Why read The Hunger Games or The Handmaid’s Tale or The Gender Game?

Dystopian fiction has a purpose: to show us an alternative vision of the future that is actually a reflection of our present. It forces us to look at the now through a lens of ugly future possibilities. But not just any possibilities: possibilities that are our now taken to an extreme.

In a world that feels like a dystopia, we need dystopian fiction more than ever. In it, we can find hope. The heroes who fight their way out, who bring down the corrupt system, who recreate their world—those are the heroes we need right now.

Enter Emily Colin’s SWORD OF THE SEVEN SINS, and her heroes, Eva and Ari.

Here’s more about the book:


In a world ruled by the Seven Deadly Sins, their forbidden love could save them.
Or kill them.

Teenage tech prodigy Eva is resigned to a life of service to the Commonwealth, as long as it’s behind a computer screen. But to her horror, she’s Chosen to be an assassin instead. She’s eerily good at it…no thanks to her sarcastic and deadly mentor, Ari, who taunts her at every turn. When Eva finds herself falling for Ari, she knows she must avoid him at all costs. In the Commonwealth, love is a sin, and lust is a death sentence. But escaping Ari is impossible. As his apprentice, she’s bound to him by a blood oath.

A heated night in the woods reveals the truth: Ari has loved Eva for years. As their feelings grow, so does the threat of discovery—along with Eva’s mysterious abilities. When Ari uncovers a secret that could destroy their society, Eva must choose. Betray him and survive, or chase the slim hope of freedom with the boy she loves…knowing the price may be her life.


“A hot, fast-paced, beautifully written story you won’t want to miss!” -Caitlin Sinead, author of Heartsick

“Amazing characters and a fast plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat!” -S.E. Anderson, author of the Starstruck Saga

“A rollicking ride through forbidden love and deadly adventure. … I haven’t ached for love like this to conquer all since Tris and Four. Eva and Ari forever.” -Leigh Statham, Author of the Daughter Trilogy 

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