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:: Blue Crow Books author Lisa Williams Kline, whose young adult novel ONE WEEK OF YOU was published earlier this year, visited the Charlotte Reader’s podcast to talk about ONE WEEK and more.

S3-13 Lisa Kline – “One Week of You” – Young Adult – And Essays

From to Charlotte Readers Podcast website:

In today’s episode, we meet young adult author, Lisa Williams Kline. Lisa will be reading essays, short stories and excerpts from her latest novel, One Week of You.

What’s the trick to writing about teen lives? Keep your brain in high school mode. In One Week of You, Lisa does just that with her humorous take on young love. Or is it just a crush? There is more than one mystery that needs to be solved in this book.

We start the show with Lisa reading Happy Points, a story about the confluence of depression and happiness.

Lisa also reads several sections of her book, One Week of You, and two other essays, one about your parents entitled In Sickness and in Health and one about the travails of dressing her husband, entitled Wardrobe Malfunctions.

Visit to website to learn more about the episode and to listen to Lisa’s interview, and click below to purchase your copy of ONE WEEK (or read for free on Kindle Unlimited).