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Our intern here at Blue Crow Books, Tamiya Anderson, has recommended some of our titles for you to read this summer—by the pool, at the beach, or after the BBQ.


Summer is here, and it’s time to be whisked away into some of Blue Crow’s wonderful titles!

Katie Rose Guest Pryal’s ENTANGLMENT ( is the first book in the Hollywood Lights series (, and makes for the perfect poolside read. Whether you’re lounging in the bright sunlight of a warm, cozy beach, or sitting in the shade at your community pool, this delightful book will have you ready to binge-read the entire Hollywood Lights series in one poolside sitting.

“Someone just tried to kill Greta Donovan, and she’s not saying who. The worst part is, she didn’t see it coming.”

Greta Donovan leaves her home in North Carolina after college to move in with her best friend Daphne Saito in Los Angeles. With Daphne’s help, Greta’s lifestyle does a complete 360. She gets a job, updates her wardrobe, and learns the ways of the Hollywood lifestyle. Greta even falls for her handsome new boss and forms a relationship with an aging movie star. As she begins to rebuild her life, suddenly, things go downhill. Daphne is more determined than ever to chase her big city dreams, and not lose her best friend in the process—but she may be putting Greta’s life on the line.

Before you break out your swimsuit and make a dash for the pool, add ENTANGLEMENT to your beach tote, and savor every word in this thrilling book set in 1990s Hollywood.