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:: Casting the status quo of traditional academia aside and rejecting naysayers, Pryal chose an unconventional route that landed her a path to success.

On Monday, June 3, 2019, Blue Crow Books published THE FREELANCE ACADEMIC: TRANSFORM YOUR CREATIVE LIFE AND CAREER by Katie Rose Guest Pryal. Here, Tamiya Anderson, our intern at Blue Crow, reviews the book for our blog. 

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First, I would like to say this: For those of you who do not identify as being an “academic,” that’s okay—I’m not one either. But THE FREELANCE ACADEMIC could certainly be for you, too. Read the author’s words carefully, and you’ll see.

Author Katie Rose Guest Pryal cuts to the heart of what it means to be a freelancer trapped in the net of academia. THE FREELANCE ACADEMIC compellingly braids Pryal’s personal story with necessary advice for how to adjust to changes in higher education and thrive in a new career. In each chapter, you will discover rich insight, meaningful narratives, and candid advice, all delicately wrapped in high-spirited humor. Pryal is the friend who prompts you to take your pitfalls in stride and to follow the true career path you’ve always wanted to try.

Pryal began her career in higher education armed with a law degree, a doctorate, and a federal clerkship—impressive, right? For over a decade, as she worked at several universities—submerged in overstressed conditions, short-term wage work, and taxing hours. She was driven to look for something more, in particular, a career that fostered her skills. Casting the status quo of traditional academia aside and rejecting naysayers, Pryal chose an unconventional route that landed her a path to success. While leaving behind the relics of a once-desired career, Pryal has paved her own way.

While this book primarily targets those who are transitioning from a career in higher education, it has universal applicability—I have found this kind of universality to be rare in “how-to” books. The sincere advice, invaluable instructions, and real—often crushing—life experiences she describes, can help many, if not most, who are transitioning in careers besides academia.

I have frequently encountered stories that provide the “quick and easy” ways to transition from one career to another. You won’t find that in THE FREELANCE ACADEMIC. At one moment, Pryal reminds us that we do not have to choose between our humanity, credentials, or careers. Indeed, she calls this forced choice malarkey. This book is full of Pryal’s sharp wit, which is softened by a tender, intimate tone.

THE FREELANCE ACADEMIC contains personal narratives that pinpoint many dark, hidden truths about academia. Instead of merely instructing you on how to create a career away from academia, this book tells a transparent story of how the author handled, learned, and used the roadblocks that she encountered. In this way, this book offers much-needed advice that is useful for those wishing to take on a new vocation—one that fuels your creativity.

Allow Pryal and THE FREELANCE ACADEMIC to show you how to reinvent your career into one that you want. And believe me, they will.

-Tamiya Anderson

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