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:: A wonderful trade review of THE FREELANCE ACADEMIC from FOREWORD REVIEWS: “Both a cautionary tale and a beacon of hope.” 

Blue Crow Publishing would like to extend a big thank you to FOREWORD REVIEWS for their wonderful trade review of Katie Rose Guest Pryal’s forthcoming title THE FREELANCE ACADEMIC (June 2019). You can read the full review here.

Here are some highlights:

“Though she is an academic, Pryal writes in a conversational tone that is digestible for nonacademic audiences, too.”

“Pryal’s story is told in a no-holds-barred manner that offers a way out for those facing similar career hurdles.”

“Both a cautionary tale and a beacon of hope.”

The Freelance Academic traces a path out of traditional academia with grace and humor.”

Thank you to Hilary Daninhirsch of FOREWORD and to the magazine itself, which focuses on small presses.

We appreciate you!


Here’s a little more about THE FREELANCE ACADEMIC ( 

Higher education has changed–and we have to change with it. The Freelance Academic will show you how.

When Katie Pryal started her career in higher education, she did everything right–she thought. With a law degree, a doctorate, and a federal clerkship, how could her career go off track? But this is higher ed in the new millennium. “Off track” is the new normal. So, slowly, she made her own career, one she dubbed “the freelance academic” in a long-running column in The Chronicle of Higher Education of the same name.

Five years after leaving academia, Pryal has created a living for herself. In The Freelance Academic, she tells her story and provides accurate (and sometimes blistering) critique of how higher ed as pushed its workforce to the margins. Best of all, she gives plain, practical advice for how to make the career you want, one that uses your strengths, and your creativity, to thrive.

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Coming June 3.