:: Introducing Snowraven Shorts: Free, hard-hitting essay collections around 100 pages.

Today, Snowraven Books, our nonfiction imprint, launched two new essay collections: FINAL GIRL: AND OTHER ESSAYS ON GRIEF, TRAUMA, AND MENTAL ILLNESS by Kelly J. Baker (author of GRACE PERIOD and SEXISM ED) and EVEN IF YOU’RE BROKEN: ESSAYS ON SEXUAL ASSAULT AND #METOO by Katie Rose Guest Pryal (author of LIFE OF THE MIND INTERRUPTED and the forthcoming THE FREELANCE ACADEMIC).

One of the best things about these books is that they’re free: They’re kicking off our new Snowraven Shorts series, essay collections of around 100 pages on one hard-hitting topic that are only available as ebook. You can download your copy at any time. Why not now?

Pryal’s other Snowraven Short collection, WE ARE ALL ENEMIES OF THE STATE: AND OTHER ESSAYS ON SPEECH, is available to all who subscribe to her monthly letter: pryalnews.com.

Here’s a bit about the new titles.


When the people who are supposed to nurture you hurt you the most, how do you reckon with the story of your own survival? Final Girl shows that you can grow stronger from circumstances that could break anyone.

This striking essay collection is not about brokenness, but rather about the slow realization of what the author survived and how she grew stronger from a place of vulnerability. Kelly J. Baker writes, “Survival was the story that I kept writing toward; it was the story that I kept trying to tell. It was the story I had to tell, often without quite noticing. It was story about abuse, brokenness, and what it might mean to mend.”

These stark, haunting essays reckon with what it means to be shattered by those you love and trust and what it takes to pick up the pieces in the aftermath. Baker tackles family trauma, parental abuse, grief and her own mental illness. By facing the things she would like to forget, she shows us how some trauma sticks with us no matter how we try to move past it. What does it take to learn to live with the trauma we experience? You survive it, and you mend yourself, and you surround yourself with love.


For women today, it can seem as though men have the right to hurt you—with rarely any consequences. Even If You’re Broken will show you how to live in this world with your head held high.

Katie Pryal, a rape survivor, a former law professor, and a bestselling author, takes on the rapidly changing legal and social landscape of #MeToo, Title IX, and the lawsuits they’ve empowered women to bring. Moving between the deeply personal and the socially critical, the essays in this collection are incisive dispatches from survivor territory.

In these fiery essays, Pryal documents reporting her rape to a university Title IX office, in grim, yet hilarious, detail. She turns her law-trained eye to the Bill Cosby case and to Kesha’s struggle to break free of her recording contract because of alleged abuse by her producer. This book is for survivors, those who love them, and those who want to make the world a better place for them. These stories strip away shame. They burn off fear. They lay bare the injustices women face and how we can fight them. Most of all, Pryal shows how she has fought those injustices herself—and by showing us, she inspires us to do the same.


When the president declares war against the media, he is declaring war against the people of the United States.

In addition to being a bestselling novelist, Katie Rose Guest Pryal is an attorney, an essayist, and a legal commentator. WE ARE ALL ENEMIES OF THE STATE collects some of Pryal’s writing over the past two years on how the First Amendment has fared under the Trump administration. This book will appeal to anyone interested in free speech, freedom of the press, and how we must guard these important rights.

You can follow Baker on Twitter at @kelly_j_baker and Pryal at @krgpryal