We at Blue Crow are delighted to announce that Robin Kirk’s debut novel THE BOND is on sale today. THE BOND is the second title released from BCP Young Adult imprint Goldenjay Books.


Trust what you see, not what you’re told.

In a society that has made males obsolete, a woman’s gifts are carefully engineered by members of the Weave. Girls like Dinitra are engineered by Sowers and assigned their life purpose when they turn sixteen.

But sometimes, the Sowers get things wrong.

A resistance is growing, and the rebels are creating humans of their own—including males—and planning to topple the Weave in a war that could destroy them all. When Dinitra is assigned her purpose, she’s sent far from home, to a colony where she uncovers the ugliest secrets of the Weave. Her loyalty is tested when she’s captured by the rebels and develops a dangerous bond with a male warrior—a shameful crime that she may pay for with her life.

Praise for THE BOND

“An adventure and a masterful exploration of what it means to be a human being.” –Constantine Singer, author of Strange Days

“Kirk brings the reader in to an intricate, well-imagined world—a landscape so credible it instantly feels like a classic.” –Beth Kander, author of Original Syn

“A rollicking adventure story whose underlying questions make for a read that is as thought-provoking as it is highly entertaining.” -Carolyn O’Doherty, author of Rewind

“A riveting, dark, post-apocalyptic romp that hooked me from its very first line. Set in a dark and unsettling world populated by cyborgs, genetically engineered humans, and mutants, at its core The Bond is a story of Dinitra, who must make an uneasy choice, her loyalty, bravery, and humanity tested in the process.” –Katya de Becerra, author of What The Woods Keep  

To learn more about Robin and THE BOND, check out this interview with Jim Hill on Through the Tollbooth.

THE BOND is available in eBook format (4.99) at amazon.com and in print ($14.99) wherever books are sold.