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We at Blue Crow are excited to announce that we have signed award-winning author Lisa Williams Kline for her young adult novel ONE WEEK OF YOU. Goldenjay Books, our YA imprint, will publish this ninth book by Lisa in Spring of 2019.

ONE WEEK OF YOU follows 15 year-old Lizzy Winston as she navigates the most tumultuous week of her high school life. Lizzy’s always been a good kid—and she sees the good in most everyone else, too. When she meets the charismatic Andy Knox, she starts crushing hard—so much so that it distracts her from all of the other parts of her life she’s trying to hold together. Her grades are slipping, she causes her mom to miss a new job opportunity, and her friends’ actions are making her question what’s responsible—and what’s right.

Andy seems like a great guy: he’s funny and charming, the Clown Prince of Lakeside High. He loves digging up news stories for the high school TV station, but he’s got some secrets of his own. As he and Lizzy get closer, she grows skeptical of his motives. When she does her own digging on Andy, she learns that everyone has secrets—no matter how good they seem.

Someone’s pulling pranks at Lakeside, and Lizzy thinks she knows who it might be. When the pranks escalate and put students in danger, she must decide where her loyalty lies. She doesn’t want to get a friend in trouble, but her silence could cause someone to be hurt. Lizzy can’t stay a quiet observer anymore: she’s learning that adulthood brings responsibilities that are much more complicated than the ones she’s used to. But is she ready to do the right thing if it means losing her friends?

One week will change everything.

Look for ONE WEEK OF YOU in February 2019. Read more about Lisa here