Today, June 4, A TYCOON’S SECRET, is published!

A TYCOON’S SECRET is the third book of the Sin City Tycoons Series, which also includes A TYCOON’S JEWEL and A TYCOON’S RUSH (already published) and the forthcoming A TYCOON’S BARGAIN. (And Avery is already typing away at book #5. But we’re keeping that one otherwise under wraps for now…)

A TYCOON’S SECRET is a second-chance romance featuring former-foster-child Khalid and the no-nonsense Marissa—the one who got away. Here’s a little bit about the story:


In the latest SIN CITY TYCOONS romance from rising star Avery Laval, meet rags to riches Khalid and the woman he wants to make his own, against all odds.

When Khalid Abbasi grew up in the Las Vegas foster system, he had no idea he was a member of a family—and a royal one at that. Once he learns the truth, he is immediately summoned to rule a small exclave on the Persian Gulf. That very day, he leaves his fiancée Marissa with a kiss and a promise that he’ll come back soon.

But Khalid breaks his promise to return for Marissa—and Marissa’s heart breaks in turn. She never tells him how close they came to starting a family together.

In the spot where Khalid used to hold love for Marissa, only ice remains, until the day he sees her in the Cairo Four Seasons hotel. Their passion comes rushing back, and it’s a passion they can’t resist. Now that Khalid has Marissa in his life again, he’s unable to let her slip through his fingers again, no matter what his duty requires. Will they learn to trust each other again? Or will the secrets of their pasts overwhelm their second chance at love?


Fellow romance authors have wonderful things to say about the Sin City Tycoons:

“An Avery Laval romance is like a ripe cherry drenched in chocolate—delicious, sexy, and utterly addictive!”—Nina Lane, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Spiral of Bliss Series

“The perfect, sexy read.” —New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jessica Clare

“Avery Laval has a flair for writing multi-faceted characters who are refreshingly smart and irresistible. A Tycoon’s Jewel has just the right amount of smoldering chemistry, Vegas glamour, and delightfully fast-paced plot. A story to be devoured.” —Tina Ann Forkner, award-winning author of Waking Up Joy and The Real Thing

“I can’t wait for the rest of this dazzling series!” —USA Today bestselling author Caitlin Crews


And best of all, readers love the book too! Check out A TYCOON’S SECRET on Goodreads for some wonderful reader reviews. Here’s a taste:

“This was a quick and sexy read. The Tycoon series is fun. Can’t wait to read the next one!”

“Khalid & Marissa are both passionate and every scene they appear in steamed up my kindle. Khalid’s backstory and Marissa’s humor and anguish are what solidify this story.”


Pick up your copy today, only $4.99 for an ebook.