We here at Blue Crow Publishing express a preference for #OwnVoices books on our Submissions page, and in our call for submissions for our Young Adult Anthology, happening now.

There have been some questions about what Own Voices means, so we thought we’d answer them, by way of a great article by Kayla Whaley of Disability in Kidlit.

Kayla Whaley, editor at Disability in Kidlit, explains why kids need to read books written by diverse authors, and shares five of her favorite #OwnVoices reads.

Here’s where Whaley explains why #OwnVoices is important:

Time and again, marginalized people have seen their stories taken from them, misused, and published as authentic, while marginalized authors have had to jump hurdle after hurdle to be published themselves. Many feel they must fight to receive even a fraction of the pay, promotion, and praise that outsiders get for writing diverse characters’ stories, and that’s when they’re allowed in the door at all.

Blue Crow Publishing prioritizes own voices. Be sure to tell us that you are writing #ownvoices in your query letter when you submit to us.

Source: Why We Need Diverse Authors in Children’s Literature

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