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Blue Crow Publishing has some exciting March news. We have a new imprint, a new call for submissions, and a new author joining the BCP family.

First, we are delighted to announce we’ve signed award-winning author Robin Kirk. Kirk’s young adult novel THE BOND will be published under our YA imprint, Goldenjay Books.

Robin’s science fiction novel THE BOND imagines a dystopian world controlled entirely by a matriarchy that has learned to genetically engineer its children and all but enslave its men. THE BOND focuses on the life of teenaged Dinitra, who has graduated from her school in the Weave and is forced to start her new life as part of the fearsome Legion.

Dinitra is convinced the woman who engineered her made a mistake. But she tries to be useful once she’s drafted into the Legion to fight rebels. Dinitra’s home in the Weave is on the brink of a milestone—the creation of human life entirely without male humans. Soon, the rebels—and men—will be utterly exterminated.

But, in a surprise attack, rebels kidnap Dinitra along with the mutant battle dog she’s training. Rebels engineer children, too, but they also make male humans—lots of them—to fight the Weave. Dinitra befriends one of these male rebels, and she feels a stirring attraction. But human sexuality is a shameful crime in both societies, where only wild beasts mate.

As war approaches, Dinitra must make an agonizing decision about what love and loyalty mean in a world of engineered humans, not-so-monstrous mutants, and a war that threatens them all—and where her “useless” artistic talent may end up saving the ones she loves most.

THE BOND will be released in Fall 2018.

We’re officially launching our Goldenjay imprint (YA) with Kirk’s THE BOND and WICKED SOUTH: SECRETS AND LIES: STORIES FOR YOUNG ADULTS, which will also be released in Fall 2018 (edited by Emily Colin and Katie Rose Guest Pryal). We are accepting submissions for SECRETS AND LIES until April 1, so you still have time to submit your story for consideration. You can read our submission guidelines for the anthology here [edited: submissions are now closed].

It’s an exciting Spring over at Blue Crow. We look forward to the coming months and telling you about our new releases! Remember, if you’re a blogger or reviewer, we’ve just launched a Street Team that gets email alerts for ARCs and reviews. Email us if you’d like to be added to the team. Details for team members can be found here.