Today’s the day!

You can pre-order A TYCOON’S RUSH, the second book in The Sin City Tycoons Series, right now. The novella (which packs a mighty punch) is available on Kindle and in all e-formats for $1.99.

 A TYCOON’S RUSH sends Natalie Schaffer after Olympic gold medalist ski jumper Charlier Ahlers, who has been hiding out in Italy and avoiding his sports agent, who happens to be Natalie’s boss. Can Natalie convince Charlie to come back home? What’s keeping him from the limelight and off the slopes? What if she falls for him instead?

While you’re at it, you might want to pick up the first book in The Sin City Tycoons series, A TYCOON’S JEWEL, available now for only 2.99.

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