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We here at Blue Crow Publishing could not operate without three very important things: laptops, coffee, and Corey, the Blue Crow Dog. As you can see, Corey is rare, specialty breed called “Brown Dog,” a breed that can only be acquired at your local animal shelter. She sleeps most of the day, is gentle with children and other dogs, and doesn’t steal food.

She also likes modeling books.

If you subscribe to our Tinyletter, then you’ve already heard the news: Blue Crow Publishing, under our fiction imprint Blue Crow Books, has released its first two books. Here are the details:

HOW TO STAY [amazon], a novella, is the next book in Katie Rose Guest Pryal’s Hollywood Lights series. It follows Miranda George, a smart-mouthed paralegal who thinks she’s met just another arrogant young lawyer out to prove himself. But Matthias Pino gives her more than she bargained for. Both have secrets, but they must learn to drop their defenses if they want to take a risk on their growing attraction.

Amy Impellizzeri, award-winning author of LEMONGRASS HOPE and SECRETS OF WORRY DOLLS, says this about HOW TO STAY: “Engaging characters lead the reader through a poignant and layered narrative about the universal desire for something so elusive—a safe place to fall.”

JUST THE TROUBLE I NEEDED [amazon], a novella, is the next book in Lauren Faulkenberry’s Bayou Sabine series. It follows Kate McDonnell, who goes to Bayou Sabine to do her friend Enza a favor. She stumbles into love in the process, but to her the bayou is just a temporary refuge, and the irresistible Andre Dufresne is just a temporary fling. Kate finds another side of herself in the bayou, but will Andre be enough to make her stay?

Orly Konig, author of THE DISTANCE HOME and founding president of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, says this about JUST THE TROUBLE I NEEDED: “Beautifully descriptive and engaging. A delightful story about learning to let go of who you think you need to be and take a risk on happiness.”

Corey, The Blue Crow Dog, says that both books smell delicious like fresh paper, and the covers are pretty even though she can’t see colors so well, given that she’s a dog. She says that if you like dogs, you will like these books, because JUST THE TROUBLE I NEEDED has a dog in it, as does HOW TO STAY, and both dogs save the day in Corey’s opinion.