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Blue Crow Publishing is a brand-new press breaking ground in this brand-new world of publishing. One of the things we’re trying to do differently is to take an author-centric approach.

Because we’re authors ourselves, we know how hard it is to thrive in such a profit-driven marketplace that seems to put the needs of both authors and readers after the needs of profit margins.

That’s why independent authors—and publishers—are thriving today. But even independent publishers can sometimes forget why we do what we do. It’s about the authors and the readers.

That’s why we wrote our Statement of Beliefs. And that’s why we wanted to use this, our very first blog post, to share it with you. (You can see it any time you want on the About Us page.)

  • We believe in preserving the tradition of storytelling.
  • We believe that authors should be treated with honesty and respect.
  • We believe books should be beautiful and of high quality.
  • We believe that the best books are sometimes overlooked.
  • We believe that great writing is not limited by genre.

See you around the bookstore.

-K and L